Monday, 23 April 2018

In Loving Memory

This is difficult to write although in some ways it isn't . Today we all lost a wonderful personal friend who inspired us, loved us, made us laugh, made us feel included, made us feel wanted, fought injustice and was anything but average. Where he was Craig Puranen Wilson or she was Sheena Revolta we we always in wonderful company.

A fan of great music, grat films , great art, and well as a creator in most art genres. Most people have been far more eloquent than I but Craig and Sheena will always be with me, from the number of times I saw Women in Revolt to sharing coffee or a drink in town or watching trashy films you alway were part of the gang.

Craing and Sheena organised events that you wanted to go to and was instrumental in the resurrection of The Star And Shadow.

I'm sorry I can't speak but you will alway be an inspiration to us all on how life should be lived.


We must keep all the thing that Sheen helped start such as Mondo Weirdo, the happenings , the gatherings keep going in the spirit of Sheena.

And this is my 100th Post this year, is that a coincidence.

Keep on keeping on

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