Thursday, 9 August 2018


Another beautiful day and I am actually on course to make #August50. There's still a long way to go and it may all crash and burn but I am keeping pace and hopefully can find something interesting to share with you , roughly on average twice a day  during th emonth of August.

So far today I have been to the post office, played a couple of moves on Facebook Scrabble, got off a couple of business related emails (mainly to get myself out of doing work) and the garden is looking OK after last nights mow.

I decided to try a MeatStack (in the Grainger Market) burger for lunch and though I am not  a burger person it was absolutely excellent. While I was in the Grainger Market I got a battery replaced in my watch and one of the problems with having a lot of esoteric watches is that batteries do run out (if they are battery operated). I probably have about ten watches , three of which are running , two may now not be working and the rest need a new battery.

So this has been the first half of my day.

It's Sixty Minutes After Midnight Therefore 1 AM

Maybe the temporal nature needs a temporal song and what better than Clocks by The Buena Vista Social Club with Coldplay from the first "Rhythms Del Mundo" album.

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