Tuesday, 7 August 2018

I Am Not A Cyclepath

Coming off Nunsmoor Park this porning I was nearly hit by two #twikers (Tw@ Bikers) riding two abreast on the footpath despite their being a widish cycly path are on the road. I could have walked out in front of them but didn't fancy being hit myself and they road past oblivious to me.

The thing about being a cyclist is theat you should be aware of your surroundings or that that latest thing you are oblivious to may be a ten ton lorry. All cyclists I know are sensible and responsible but there are a hell of a lot who think that road based laws don't apply to them.

The humid weather is still draining on me, and I was reading an article on signs of mental exhaustion and these include getting irritated my minor things (twikers) , not sleeping (the ach in my left shoulder is keeping me awake), and a few other things.

I do feel I need some time away from everything, including work, but  the more you don't do things the more it just adds to the pile of things to be done. Rightly or wrongly there are no people who could pick up everything I can do at work, which on the one hand should make you more valuable but the reality is that people gloss over things and don't see you as part of the system, until you don't do what you do.

So the song that comes to mind is Spandau Ballet's gay anthem "Muscle Bound" which was always one of my favourites.

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