Friday, 10 August 2018


I was watching an episode of Stan Lee's "Lucky Man" and saw a speeded up timelapse sequenceeof the moon falling towards a river, and thought "Moonfall" sounds quite lovely.

It is Friday and it has been an interesting day, and despite feeling tired and getting some aches in my right side I've still nearly clocked up 20K steps and expect to do something similar next weekend too, with a walk to Wylam with Fiona, Mark, Molly and Kirsty, and an opportunity to give Juliet her blue vinyl copy of "A Life Less Ordinary" by Ash.

I am quite tired, but thought Iwould leave a note  to potentially get a little nearer #August50. This means I am averaging 2 a day so far in August, and incidentally the last post was post number 1666 in a pointer towards the Great Fire of London. It was just a small coincidence that I thought I would mention which makes this post 1667.

So we are now in 2018 steaming towards 2019 and it's 22:28 and maybe it is time for my bed.

I just been flicking through a pile of CDs and there is stuff in there I didn't know i had, I mean my taste is impeccable, but it's a bit worrying when you have stuff you didn't know you had. I am slowly putting things for sale on Discogs but that's the merest scratch on the surface.

Still I will leave you with something that I know I have before I go to bed, the wonderful "Pleasure" by Baxter Dury.

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