Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Some Lines

Suffering from a cold, runny nose , headache and the like, what certain softies call 'flu' or man 'flu' . It's a cold, a head cold, it's unpleasant and I want it to go away.

Sitting downstairs this popped into my head for some reason. It has before, but I thought I would formalise it as one of my Non-Poems, just thinking of what we have that we will probably never use, but we still collect:

We have films
We will never watch
We have books
We will never read
We have records
We will never listen to
We have devices
We will never use


Or Will We?
What we have
Gives us choice
We Justify it
As Planning
For The Future


I Will
Watch That Film
Read That Book
Listen To That Record
Use That Device
I Will
I Will

I am going through tissues and headachey so will leave you with "Legend of A Mind" by The Moody Blues from "In Search of The Lost Chord" which references Timothy Leary the LSD guru.

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