Friday, 28 September 2018

That Was Close

This was the first month that I thought I couldn't hit my 340K step target. The main reason was the amount of time I was ill in bed. I hit my record all time low daily step count at less that 1.5K, that is half the very low national average. Many days I struggled to hit 5K and I needed to average 5k, but today I hit the target with two days to spare.

I think October should not be a problem but it's all based on the weather being OK and me being fit enough to walk.

As I write this I'm checking for updates for my laptop as it hasn't been used for a couple of months so that may take some time, last time I did it via my phone and it wiped out my data.

So it's Friday and this must be the most boring post I've ever done although it's my 250th this year.

So we'll go with The Pet Shop Boys "Being Boring" then I'll drop into the realms of Morpheus.

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