Monday, 18 February 2019

Keep Taking The Tablets

About a year ago I bought a scribbling tablet, sort of an electronic chalk board. At first I was disappointed because I couldn't easily make out what I was writing. I then decided to bring it into work and offer it to my manager for her children to play with.

Then, with the brighter light, I realised that it was a lot more readable and became useful for jotting down useful ideas or notes which once I'd finished with I could dispense with. Usually I used to do this with post it notes or note pads and pens. This means that I am not wasting paper, however little it might me.

These are cheap , fit in a handbag or briefcase, and if you need to keep what you have you can always photograph it. I#ve noticed that some do colour as well so that could be very useful, and yes the kids could be kept occupied with this while expressing their artistic talent.

I know this is not a usual post from me but I suppose it is vaguely in the realms of technology, but these things are genuinely useful.

I wasn't sure how I could fit music into this, then i found this Etch-A-Sketch sketching of Ray Charles soundtracked by his take on "America The Beautiful" . I could never do anything with Etch-A-Sketch which shows how clever and impressive this guys efforts are... the tablets are far easier to draw on.

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