Friday, 22 February 2019

Quality over Quantity?

Most definitely not. Quality is also a very nebulous term, t can be bad or good, and when something is described as "quality" it shows ignorance or shiftiness in the describer and certainly does not inspire any confidence by me in the product.

February has been very sparse on posts this year, my lowest number of posts since July 2016 when I only posted eleven times, this post will take it up to ten and I will probably post again before the end of the week. My posts these days tend to be 200-250 words , so hardly a War and Peace type essay. Very often I see blogs and the post are absolutely huge and involved, and then the blogger decided it's too much and don't post again. Keeping it reasonably short means that there is no pressure on me to produce an in depth article and it is mainly to act as a diary for me although it is nice when I get comments from people.

I had a lovely comment on my Christopher Lee slideshow today

"Oh...oh my God...I dont think ive ever been this excited to stumble onto something haha! 

How nice is that? You can see it here. 

I have shared that video a few times and it is set to become my most viewed on ever, about to hit 16K views.

This morning on my walk to work I stuck on the "Mother, Maiden, Crone" remix EP and the new album "Bardo" by Jordan Reyne. When I first saw her a couple of years back in 2014 supporting The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (review here) I was amazed, here music and performance gave me goosebumps like no artist before or since. On the night I bought three of her CDs from her I as that impressed, and walking along this morning I felt entranced by the hypnotic dark Celtic rhythms and sounds of her songs.

So it's Friday and I will share with you "Birth Ritual" the first Jordan Reyne song I listened to this morning.....

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