Monday, 24 June 2019

Blue Sky Thinking

Today I was at the RVI for a CTI scan and in the corridor I noticed so illuminated blue panels in the ceiling that looked like a real blue sky with blossom. You can see them here. Above the scanning table was a nine tile version , and I remarked that I kept noticing the butterfly. The staff told me there were five, but the doctor didn't know that. He said he would check later. They are quite expensive LED panels like this .....

.... the thing is they actually lift your spirits , like a real blue sky. The CTI scanner is far less constricting therefore less claustrophobic than an MRI scanner so it wasn't too constrictive, but even though it was raining and grey outside the ceiling panels had me convinced that it was a gorgeous day.

They are a superb idea to make places lift people's moods.

I've decided to share "Bits of Blue Sky" by Godley and Creme a five minute sampler of their "Goodby Blue Sky" album, from the compilation "Images".

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