Monday, 10 June 2019

Walk or Write?

Just wondering, and I have chosen write. It's the first day back at work, and a wonderful day outside so the natural choice should be walk, but as you can see I am writing this post. Due to the way the month has started I have a hell of a lot of catch up to do when I get to work but that does make the day fly by, I am thinking how the hell will I do this, but at 4:30 I will know how I did it.

So yesterday I finished Westworld on Now TV and as I said previously peer downloading takes a couple of hours for a series and then you aren't sure if it'll work, but Netflix or Now TV Entertainment is about £8 a month , in which time you could watch the whole of several box sets. I have Fortitude , Chernobyl and others to catch up on and it the two months that I have had NowTV this time I have seen Game of Thrones, Tin Star series 2, and Westworld Series 2, think how much they would be to buy. SO basically the TV streaming services( Now TV,Netflix,Amazon Prime plus BBC iPlayer and commercial hubs) generally provide value for money.

So I suppose the only song has to be "TV is King" by The Tubes.

Enjoy Your Monday.

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