Saturday, 8 June 2019

Where's Wally?

You know that joke about the difference between stupid and being dead, everyone else knows except you in both cases.

The Facebook ban is sort of like that in reverse, I know that I'm banned and therefore can't communicate in any way via Facebook, but none of my Facebook friends do, except the ones who I communicate with via phone, email , Instagram or Twitter, and it is a sort of weird situation. Because my online presence ids there, people ca send me messages, post things on my timeline , tag me or whatever and barring disabling / deleting the account there is nothing I can do.

I can't even use Facebook Messenger.

While I have not transgressed any Facebook rules for three out of the four bans which are here and you can see what I'm banned for in these posts here and here and see what you think.

Basically anything that I personally post can result in a ban, and I cannot challenge it full stop, snd no explanation for the  supposed transgression will be given.

So this is a warning to anyone out there, do not allow Facebook to be your only mode of communication or your Facebook friends will think you don't love them any more. Essentially for everything in life you always need a Plan "B" and luckily I do have communication channels open with friends, it's just that often people don't check their alternatives.

As this is post 1945 I'm going to share "Caledonia" by Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five, which is rather celebratory which is good as WWII came to a  close in that year.

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