Monday, 7 February 2011

Thatchers Victorian Values Back

When Thatcher was in power she kept spouting on about a return to "Victorian Values" . I assumed at the time she wanted an end to any kind of hedonistic pastimes , sex , drink , nudity etcetera , but we know in Victorian times the rich and priveliged indulged , while the poor carried the can.

I recently learned that what she was really after was the creation of a slave underclass that would service the rich and privileged for a doff of the cap and a handful of gruel.

Today Cameron and Clegg and pursuing that goal under the cry of "Austerity" (but not for them of course) , increasing tuition fees to price the the lower classes out education , dismantling and privatising the NHS to take healthcare away and the latest suggestion that the unemployed work for nothing from Ian Duncan Smith . Here's the article. Be amazed and very afraid . What next , taxing the air we breathe?

Well here's an appropriate video:

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