Friday, 4 February 2011

Why I Loathe X-Factor ....

..Britain's Got Talent , Strictly Come Dancing and the like.

You may think it's because of Simon Cowell or Louis "Child Catcher" Walsh . To be honest I think Simon Cowell is a media genius , manipulative , but he he knows his stuff inside out , Walsh though I find very creepy.

You may think it's because of the policy of riding on some one else's shirt tails , only using covers of recent successes , Alexandra Burke's lip-trembling sub Whitney performance of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" , which contains the appropriate line "You Don't Really Care for Music , Do Ya?" . The song song was poignantly coversed by John Cale for Shrek , then there's the Jeff Buckley version and of course the original , but hey we need to make a safe fast buck.

The you had Joe McElderry cover Miley Cyrus with The Climb , and the latest installment Matt Cardle's saccharined treatment of Biffy Clyro's "Many A Horror" renamed for the Christmas market as When We Collide.

No it's not this , it's the fact that all the shows focus primarily on failure . One person is voted out every week and made to feel that they are a failure , and the last man standing is the winner , but the shows focus on getting rid of people . Appropriate for the current goverment set up, who are relishing making as many people redundant as possible.

Talent shows in the past focussed on people winning and there would be a number of contestants , one winner and the ones who didnt win , as a whole went back to their day jobs , without any stigma, they just didnt cut it.

If X-Factor focussed on winning then I would have time for it , but until then I wont be watching.

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