Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kindles and Kobos and Bright Shiny Ribbons

I see WH Smith have brought out their own eReader , the "Kobo" (did you see what they did there , the anagrammatised the word "book". Part of the promotion push is that there are a million free books . Very strange that and the WH Smith eReader on my Advent Vega came with no free books , and the obly way to get books was to buy them. In a huff I installed Aldiko and am happily working through my free copies of Lovecraft , Hope-Hodgeson , Howard and other classics.

The Kindle and it's associated free software also bost and impressive range of free books . The Kindle boast a decent advertising campaign , the power of Amazon and lots of other things going for it. The Kindle is the same price as the Kobo , so what is the Kobo's selling point , the Kindle s ubiquitous and almost becoming a generic name.

We shall see how the Kobo goes but I see the bargain bin beckoning ........

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