Saturday, 12 November 2011

Multimedia @ The BBC

Lots of people complain about the BBC and "why should I pay the license fee when I dont watch it" (apart from iPlayer , radio etc etc. Over the years , apart from the excellent David Attenborough helmed  natural history programs (Frozen Planet is his current masterpiece) , the BBC has recorded numerous music sessions by some excellent bands .

This month has seen the release of some excellent collection from TheYardbirds , Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple , that latter for some reason incorporating CD and vinyl copies in the same box , surely you dont need both!!Though over the years I've accumulated ELO and Bowie at the BBC introduced by Bryan Matthews, and am waiting for a definitinive Half Man Half Biscuit compilation which would surely sell by the barrow load. Anyway this could be another reason to succumb to Orange's excellent Christmas Box package to get my hands on the Angle & Curve Headphones for a £40 outlay (with a PAYG phone , piggy bank and other extras thrown in).

Today I took a copy of the 40th Anniversary copy of Tago Mago by Can from the excellent RPM in Newcastle, on the player now , think the Stone Roses had been listening to Halleluwah!! . The Orange is calling harder ......

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