Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Go And Yodel

I'm extremely annoyed with the so called delivery firm Yodel. This company are arrogant and don't seem to know what their function is. I ordered an item from Argos , provided my contact details and expected some indication of when the item would be delivered. The house was empty for an hour and they slipped a note through , saying they would attempt to deliver tomorrow and the day after then return the item to where it came from. They gave a choice of weekday when I could have it redelivered but that's no use to me. I also have the option of picking it up from their depot as long as I get there between 9 and 5 (when most people are at work). I thought they were supposed to deliver.

Anyway I thought I 'd try and speak to them , each time you go through the IVR , select the speak top someone option and you get cut off.

I phoned Argos who seemed a trifle irate as this obviously reflects on them , they gave their direct number to Yodel. This type I still had to negotiate an IVR system but finally got to speak to someone. I asked them to contact the driver as someone couldbe in to recieve the item.These are the points they put to me:

  • The can't contact their van drivers as they don't carry company mobile phones
  • They would contact the driver if he returned to the depot
  • Had I contacted Argos as they had recieved a query
  • The time of delivery is at the whim of the driver 
  • They couldnt even arrange a late or early delivery
I find it amazing in this day and age that a company like that can continue in business. The showed no respect and seemed completely oblivious to the fact that I am their customer , not Aros. If I hadn't bought the item they wouldn't have anyting to deliver.

Trying to think of a song to go with this and Frank Zappa's Flakes sort of fits the bill. Argos were helpful and professional. Yodel arrogant and useless , I certainly would not recommend them,

By the way this is the second occasion this has happened with this company.