Monday, 6 May 2013

Living Without A Fridge

Coming back from holiday , apart from the bathroom leak , found that the fridge / freezer was not really working. Given that it's a ten year old Servis (and they went out of business in 2008)and  the last time I got it fixed by Repaircare it cost me £100 and you can buy a new one for £200 decided to go for a new one to be delivered on Friday.

It's interesting when the fridge is maintaining "room temperature" and 3/4 of of the freezer drawer seem to be cold enough to freeze water quickly so it is sort of odd to live with. Typical that it's come just as the good weather has hit but it's odd trying to keep things cool. It's either freeze or warm , so hardly ideal but it's a case of running down the freezer til the new one appreas on Friday. Oh and just to make it difficult our new device has to be less than 50cm wide , there aren't that many around.