Saturday, 18 May 2013

Here Comes The Summer

Well , maybe. It's pouring with rain at the moment but we've had a few glorious days this week. We know that it's scientifically proven to be more likely to rain at the weekend because the emission from transport builds up during the week resulting in precipitation at the weekend. May this is a good argument for working from home , less rain at the weekend.

Anyway , today is also the Eurovision Song Contest based in Malmo in Sweden , although 35 years on we're still waiting for another Abba. I did enjoy Lordi 's victory a couple of years back , that was rather good , and this year I heard Hungary's version which sounded good , but apparently Denmark are the favourites , so we'll just wait and see.

I do find it amazing that so many English Eurovision entries are based on a German Oompah Band song structure, Sandie Shaw's "Puppet on a String" for instance. Unfortunately the easter European block voting has sort of made a mockery of the contest , but that's what happens when you try to be democratic in a situation where the populace can only see what the have been told to see . A bit like X-Factor !

The best way to watch Eurovision (this only works if the artists sing in their native language) , is with subtitles turned on and copious amounts of alcohol.

So enjoy tonight.