Sunday, 7 July 2013

All The Sevens

After last months daily song , the blogs taken a rest but today is 7th of the 7th ad the name of the blog is 7 Days In ! I'm surprised we've not been bombarded by chain mails quoting ancient Chinese legends that will bring you untold wealth if you pass it on to 7 people. Did they have email in ancient China , I think not.

Today Andy Murray plays Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final with the press and various idiots sharpening their blades to say how he can't cut it when it really batters , and he's a miserable Scot and he has no personality.

My thoughts on Murray . I love because he annoys the fuck out of the media , is totally focused on the job in hand , and delivers !! Though if Scotland becomes independent he'll be just another foreigner who's won Wimbledon. We're still waiting for an English man or woman. Murray is brilliant , and I must I used to hate John McEnroe as a player , again he did the job, but he is absolutely brilliant as a pundit , going to have to get his autobiography , that WILL be worth a read.

Also another gripe is English pronunciation , names like Cholmondely and Waldegrave are pronounce Chumley and Walgrave. The Scots can be as bad Menzies in Mingies ? It's E N Z not I N G !! But the worst is Feng Shui. This is an english representation of the oriental ideagram, there it's say what you see FENG SHOOEE , NOT FUNG SHWAY . It's an E not a U andas for the second word I wont even go there.

Oh and I'm English so its Zed Zed Top not Zee Zee Top and it's Jay Zed not Jay Zee. And on that not I'll finish the video that so upset Jay Zed and Alisha Keys!!: