Sunday, 21 July 2013

Problems, Solutions,Good Things, Art and Valhalla

We all have have them , sometimes they seem insurmountable. Sometimes you feel as though you are up against a brick wall and there's no way forward. Sometimes you find an alternative and it might be wrong , but sometimes you find an alternative and it's right. This breakthroughs are often inspired by totally unrelated happening within your life or experience such as a piece of good news or something great happening with a friend. For weeks I've been trying to work out how to do something with misfuctioning software. I had the option of trying to roll back the software (as yet the company haven't found a solution but they normally do) , or hand coding , both pf which I loathe and to lazy to do.

Then lots of little good things including Katie Pukrik's song selection on 6Music this morning (Springsteen's "Thunder Road" , Sparks "Number One Song In Heaven" among others) , good friends I've spoken to in years reappearing on the scene, and amazing film "Valhalla Rising" (who needs a plot and dialogue if it looks brilliant , and has Mads Mikkelsen  <Hannibal>as a one eyed mute) and today I shall wander over to Summertyne , and the weather is still excellent.

Anyway all this set a light bulb of it my head and though ah - that might work, and it did , so the site is now finished for another year. You can check out Bob Armstrong's wonderful paintings here.

Also got some news last week that the loss of control over my left hand is likely to be a trapped nerve not a TIA as first proposed.