Monday, 15 July 2013

Try Everything - Fireships, Blondie , The Police and Stateside Diner Shakes

It's one of those things. I have lots of albums I've not listened to, Today for te first time I decided to play "Fireships" by Peter Hamill and was stunned by the first song "I Will Find You" , an amazing alien splicing of Blondie's "Presence Dear" and The Police's "Every Breath You Take" . You haven't a clue whether the protagonist is a love struck, caring  admirer or an evil , devious stalker with the latter being the favoured outcome. I've included the song just because it really is a case of you don't know what you're missing.

Stateside Diner Ice Cream Pancake
Then coming back I finally decided to visit the amazing Stateside Diner and treated myself to a luxury mint milkshake absolutely lush. The have a free rock and roll CD based juke box , serve alcohol in the form or wine , spirits and bottled beers and of course lots food. So glad I've finally gone in there and intend to visit a lot more often. Their Facebook page is here so if you are ever near Central Station in Newcastle , check them out.

So as I say , never be afraid to try anything , and even try anything and if you have music make sure you listen to it. Don't download buy and forget you have it , as I have a habit of doing.