Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fighting With My Left Hand III

Cm Successfully Held down for first time in about four months
I've just managed to play a Cm chord . It used to be easy but using my little finger on my left hand has been awkward since the incident. This is a huge step forward . I'm managing with the other three fingers , but losing that later use of all the fingers of your hand makes certain tasks a little difficult.

I'm waiting for an appointment with a neurologist , and two doctors have remarked that there is obvious muscle wastage , usually attributed to results of a trapped nerve , which is better that the initial potential diagnosis. Obviously there's still a long way to go and I keep trying to do other things with my left hand and think "Did I ever do that with my left hand?".

Anyway despite the downpour last night wondering whether to attempt to mow the lawn and make some more newspaper logs.

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