Sunday, 20 November 2016

Running AMOK in The Age Of Stella - #ALifeInNumbers #58

While I am writing this I am listening to my friend Juli's show AMOK  on Pride Radio so you can time this at 7pm on Sunday night.

It is one of the non 6Music shows where I am certain to hear something I haven't heard before, as well as being fun to listen to. That's another benefit of the internet the sheer choice of listening and watching options. The only problem this gives me is that the amount of time I have is still the same, but the amount of choice I am given increases exponentially almost daily.

Internet radio can be brilliant as AMOK proves, go and give it a listen and release you inner Industrial Goth.

Number 58 has been awkward to track down a song for, I have a couple in my collection that would have done but decide to look a little further afield and came across "58" by The Age of Stella and found this live take from The Maze in Nottingham. These are a band I have never heard of but I am well impressed with their stuff.

This is the penultimate post in this sequence, and I may actually hit the 120K hits by the end of number 59 which is a brilliant one to end #ALifeInNumebrs on.

Enjoy you Sunday evening my friends.

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