Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Last Day

The last day of November 2016 that is. I haven't written anything this week. I've probably been doing what I should be doing, that is nothing apart from relaxing on holiday.

Today I went to Manchester and was getting very depressed at the industrial levels of Christmas products for sale , the proliferation of chains, especially in the Arndale Centre until I came across a bunch of apparently non indigenous guys (though they were probably third generation Crumpsall residents) giving a spirited rendition of Silent Night (see here) which cheered me up no end.

There were also lots of beggars and people sleeping rough and religious people handing out pamphlets but no practical  help. To quote Half Man Half Biscuit:

"If Jesus came to Earth Today
 They'd crucify him straight away
 Upon a Cross of MDF
 And use No-Need-For-Nails"

There seems to be little charity in the religious presences.

Anyway if you avoid the chain dominated areas there are some lovely places to go and eat and visit, and this is after driving to Chatsworth, Bakewell, Monsal Head and enjoying the scenery and indulging in food and music.

So the song has to be "Upon Westminster Bridge" by Half Man Half Biscuit that I lifted the quote from.

Have a lovely night my friends, I am going to catch up on Westworld.

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