Thursday, 24 November 2016

Glass Half ......

My friend Julie mentioned that's it's good to be "glass half full" rather than "glass half empty". It's always good to appreciate and enjoy what you have rather than being dragged down by what is, for now, unattainable. Remember the glass can always be topped up.

I'm not saying that people should be satisfied with what they have, it is always good to attain more, but as long as it's done with love, happiness and enthusiasm and not to the detriment of others. In fact it is good if you can help other and make their lives better, that will make your life better and fill your glass nearer to the brim.

I am very tired but Julie's comment inspired me to write this, she is a wonderfully positive person, and the only person along with her husband who celebrates their wedding anniversary with a music festival. Now how is that for filling up your glass.

So this is another blog post that is really about nothing, but it's just a message to all my friends to say enjoy your life, find something to smile about, always  try to do good, and you will make the world a more wonderful place.

An in other news my friend Nicolle is going to review my friend Jessica (and Asher's) Wildflower Cafe for her magazine, so life is good.

The weekend is here and I'm going to sign off with one of my favourite uplifting songs, "The News" by Carbon/Silicon. Now that's a way to kick start your weekend. Sleep well and refill your glass my friends.

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