Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Last Day Again

As the wind howls down the chimney, I was thinking I should go to bed, but I don't really have to get up too early tomorrow, so I thought I'd write another post. To have my most productive year in number of posts I'd need to write about seventy posts before the year trots out, that's like five posts every two days, and that's not going to happen. Second most productive year is a definite possibility, I only need maybe twenty five posts, so that's less than one a day.

I am glad I have actually begun to start posting again, the longer you go without doing it, the more likely you are to put it off for another day.

A propos of nothing, I'm still being bombarded with "Black Friday" advertising on devices and TV. I thought "Black Friday" was last Friday, and it only lasted 24 hours but according advertising, it's still Black Friday. Well I didn't buy anything, and if you don't want or need a thing then it's not a bargain , it is just you parting with more money. And I keep hearing the phrase "Everybody Loves A Bargain", well I don't. I look for value for money always , and 99% of "bargains" are useless tat that corporations unload on  the "less discerning" public.

So anyway, I think I will go to bed now, and this gives me an excuse to play the wonderful "Black Friday" by Steely Dan. Sleep well my friends and don't be seduced by corporate snakes convincing you that you need to buy their latest product.

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