Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Am I Right?

I've probably written about this before, but what the hell , I'll write about it again. It's only a very short point and short story but because I am writing it I can use as many words as I want, and I thing generally my posts are definitely a bit longer these days than they used to be. I like to think that I hit 250 - 500 words with each one but sometimes it will be less and sometiimes more.

I'm very tired so I think this will be lucky to hit 200 words but whatever. I 've just finished "Electric Eden" by Rob Young discovering quite a lot about music that I didn't know along the way, and now I have picked up "How Not to Be Wrong: The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life" by Jordan Ellenberg whichis very interesting and got me reminsicing.

Many years ago I had a pschometric test and was told that the test showed I had a problem. The problem, apparently was that:


not that I thought I was right, I WANTED to be right. The guy said this could be dealt with. I said wait a minute , doesn't every person want to be right? Is't that a positive trait in someone? I would certainly see it as positive , striving to be right all the time.I have always been willing to acceot that I'm wrong when shown the reason for me being wrong and then sown how to make it right, but I will not stand for someone telling me I'm wrong on their say so. Many times I clashed with people in that situation and one or two said to me in private "You may be right, but I am in charge". This could explain a lot, so people don't like you being right.

Anyway it's time for bed, I need to be up at five, so what's a perfect song , maybe "Right" by David Bowie? Goodnight my friends.

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