Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Calculus,Nice Biscuits and Sky Saws on This Day on Earth

Shaun Keavney has just mentioned Nice biscuits and taking two buttered digestive biscuits with a sklice of cheese in between and dipping it into your cup of tea. That's definitely not MY cup of tea. My new book has now hit calculus , that was where maths became too complicated for me, but we shall see if I get any further with calculus. Also wasn't Professor Calculus a character in Tin Tin, which confused me because I got it wixed up with Rin Tin Tin which I thingk was a dog.

Anyway this week I am having a rest from walking. Apparently the average number of steps most people do is about 5K a day , so at 8K and 7K over the last two days I am still above average and my steps effectively lift the average, but not as much as the proper , walkers , runners and athletes.

Anyway this is just a very short post as I am quite tired and just wondering what song should we , and I have decided, for absolutely no reason at all to go with Brian Eno's "Sky Saw" featuring Bob Fripps sky saw guitar from "Another Green World". I loved this the first time I heard it and it still sounds brilliant and strange today with it's vicious noise guitar over an almost lounge jazz / ambient backing. Also unusual in the the main / lead instrument plays the same note all the way through.

This  idea was repeated on the song "This" from the album "Another Day On Earth" where the main rhythm is provided by the word "This" repeated 35 times. That's included at the end of the post.

Sleep well my friends.

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