Sunday, 6 August 2017

Jumping In The Deep End

Well I've moved everything and now need to think how either WordPress or Joomla will benefit me. Both use a MySQL Database so that means that maybe I should get TOAD to get the hang of that. Seeting up Joomla I can't find the database , and even logging into the databse causes a timeout. I really thought I was past this but it looks as though I'm not, it's piqued my interest.

It's like jumping in at the deep end and I am not sure I am able to swim, but this is a possibly foolhardy way of finding out. I am going to leave it a day just in case overnight updates have to take place as that so often has to happen.

As well as all this I am trying to write , both words and music and get the hang of the technology. I just want to simply record things , not set op input channel and assign inputs to them , but maybe I will get the hang of it and get the sound on sound sorted out.

Anyway as I write this TOAD is downloading and after that I am going to bed, so I'll leave you with Ginger Baker's "Toad" performed by Cream.

Sleep well my friends.

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