Sunday, 13 August 2017

No Regrets and Changing Opinions

My first job was in the 1970s so I suppose mentioning names doesn't really matter too much as it's not defamatory. Of course I was a bit anti mainstream music at the time and I was working at Jame Mercers in Preston as an office clerk. It was a nice place to work and there were some great people there, but the money was not that great but you got a Christmas bonus and taken out for a meal as well.

One of the guys Phil Livesly was always immaculately dressed and maybe could have slipped unnoticed into "Life on Mars" or "Abigail's Party", but he canme in raving to me about he'd heard this brilliant song "No Regrets" by The Walker Brothers , I immediately countered by saying it was commercialised and the Tom Rush original was far superior. This was all good natured, and he's one of the people I do miss from my past.

"No Regrets" by The Walker Brothers came on my player today, and it is a stunning version, so I have changed my opinion on this. Part of this is because of Scott's amazing voice. What I then got to thinking was "I wonder if Phil has heard any of Scott Walker's work since then" and what would his opinion be now.

A contemporary Scott Walker album is not for the faint hearted, and I have a feeling that "Tilt" or "Soused" will not be on Phil's iTunes (I know he'll have an iPhone) . So on this I will include both versions for you to listen to , enjoy both , and if you dare ... go and explore some contemporary Scott Walker.

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