Thursday, 4 January 2018

Here Comes The Sun

It's already 4th of January 2018 and yesterday after a couple of miserable grey days we got some sunshine and blue sky. Yes there was rain and we'd had grey overcast skies but the sun and blue sky gave me and most people a palpable lift. People who'd been feeling down on Tuesday (not helped by the fact it was the first day back at work) were visibly uplifted yesterday.

It is strange how nice weather actually can lift us, although I think Tuesday was really bad because it was just dark, cloudy, cold and nothing much was happening weatherwise. Even rain or snow would have perked up the weather a bit. I know some parts of the country had been hit by Storm Eleanor so we should count our blessings round here, but I am looking forward to more interesting weather today.

I'm still listening to my apocalyptic space rock and at the moment I am working through Hawkwind's third album "Doremi Fasol Latido" which was probably the second one that I bought . I loved the black and silver cover (and still do) , I am sure there was some interesting text on the sleeve somewhere, but maybe I will search that out again at some point.

Anyway the second song on "Space Is Deep" contains an amazing saxophone coda from Nik Turner and was based on Michael Morrcock's book "The Black Corridor" so that is what I will leave you with and I will be listening to that as I walk into work this morning.

Have a good Thursday everybody.

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