Saturday, 26 May 2018

Here It Comes

It's 11:30 on Friday night before the Bank Holiday Weekend. Normally I'm in bed asleep but for some reason I am fairly awake. Again I wasn't going to write anything tonight but I then thought I'm still awake and writing this will take me into Saturday Morning.

I'm looking forward to the Liverpool vs Real Madrid Champions League Final as it might actually be worth watching. Betfair are offering 5/1 for Mo Salah and Christiano Ronaldo to score, and I think there is a pretty good chance of that happening, but Iwon't be putting the house on it.

The last couple of days I've listened to a couple of albums two or three times, the first was Genesis "Wind and Wuthering" which was the second album without Peter Gabriel but their final one with Steve Hackett and it was after this that they became very AOR/MOR and this, in my opinion, was their last consistently good album. They still could produce some killer songs, "Abacab", "Driving The Last Spike", "Mama" to name but a few but "Wind and Wuthering " consistently excellent and even on repeat you don't think of stopping iit or skipping songs, even "You're Own Special Way" is fine and "Afterglow" is a wonderful finale.

The other album is Blue Oyster Cult's "Spectres". While not totally consistent, this is maybe because of the absolute killer songs that pepper the album. The heavy metal lyrical perfection of the opener "Godzilla" is amazing and that is followed by their own "Born To Be Wild" anthem "The Golden Age Of Leather". Add to this "Fireworks", "RU Ready To Rock"  and "Nosferatu" and you know this is a class album that should be in your possession.

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