Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Listening to Radcliffe and Maconie on 6Music and just as they have come on the radio, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. It's the second day of May and I intend to keep up my million steps every three months, but today looked like a no go because of the weather, although I have already hit 2K steps and intend to visit Helmsley Castle this afternoon so there is a possibility I may hit todays step target after yesterday's trip to Whitby.

I did go for a walk and followed a direction marker into a field and it turned out there was no exit. The field was one of the most securely fenced fields I have ever seen and it was almost over run with rabbits and rabbit holes.

Radmac have Microdisney on as guests as they have just reformed, and I was going to give you "GaleForce Wind" but they have started playing Jane's Addiction's "Just Because" and the guitar riff on that is such a killer that I have to share that with you.

Enjoy the rest of the second of May when you are finished.

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