Sunday, 27 May 2018

Can We Fix It? - YES WE CAN!

Today I visited the new Star and Shadow Cinema for the first time, which has moved to a more open location that it's previous home behind The Tanners' pub, and is just as easy to get to as well as being directly on the 1 and 32 bus routes. Although I walked up from The Tanners it is only five minutes from the road that runs onto Byker Bridge so is very accessible.

It's also home to the Fix It Cafe  which I visited today and chatted with people both fixing keyboards, computers, clocks and things that I didn't recognise. My friends Hedly Sugar Wells and Jonathan Wells Lee were both there fixing things and helping with the cafe and socialising and making people welcome.

It is a great space but obviously needs people in there to help and keep it going but it really does bring people together with a great sense of community. This is the very beginnings of what will be an absolutely wonderful experience.

There will be films , music , socialising , food , cake , drinks , and a coming together of like minded spirits.

One of the prime movers in the crowd funding of this project was my great friend Craig Puranen Wilson who we lost recently, and next week it is home to a celebration of his inspirational life "Always a Star, Never A Shadow"  , one of the many future events inspired by his life and keeping the spirit inspiring us to do more. I've included an unusual video of Women in Revolt in civvies at The Soundroom in Gateshead.

Anyway it was a wonderful hour I spent there and suggest to get on down there when you can, and great place to  put a smile on your face for so many reasons.

Here's looking forward to next Saturday and many many more after that.

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