Thursday, 17 May 2018

Some Words

This has just come from saying goodbye to a dear friend recently and what tends to happen to us at gatherings and events wher you meet up with people you care for and like being with but don't see that often. I am not a poet, but the narrow visual form of a poem can make for simple easy and effective reading. I am still working my way through "Tarantula" by Bob Dylan and that is not easy reading but has grabbed my attention with it's stream of consiousness ramblings and semi-stories. Anyway this sort of sums up my feelings after these events. If it has a title it's "Hi"

Great To See You
Absolutely Lovely
It's Been So Long
I've Been So Busy
Not A Minute To Myself
What Have You Been Up To?
I Know
We must meet up
Maybe a Concert
The Theatre
We Must Do It Soon
Next Week
Or After The Bank Holiday
At The End Of The Month
Or Next Month
We Should 
We Must 
We Will
Til Next Time .......

But We Seldom Do

We should really make more of an effort to keep in touch with each other, it is far too easy to let it drift but we can make this happen, so let's do it. I'll leave you with a Roy Harper song "Forever", which I have always loved, and love to share this with you.........

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