Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Speed Too

This time I know what music I'm going to include so I should be able to keep to my ten minute to create this blog post but I sort of know I wont. As I've said before, and therefore repeating myself, but we always do that don't we, this blog is also a diary for myself so that I can store things that I like and are worth remembering for me.

When I was first blogging that first paragraph would have been enough but I also have to tell you about the frightening "Ballad of Dright Fry" by Alice Cooper from the album "Love It To Death" about and mentally unstable child murderer ... but the way that song sotally unnerves you still doesn't prepare you for the segue into the abum's finale a cover of Rolf Harris' "Sun Arise" which does sort of leave you with a smile on your face while feeling cold inside from the previous song.

So that's that, another very quick post and it's still Wednesday.

Oh and this post took me over 160K page views.

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