Thursday, 26 July 2018

Vaguely Homonymic Musings

When I titled my last post "Speed Too" I though how far can you count using homonyms instead of the actual numbers. I know it's convoluted (especially seven), and someone else will have done this better, but it was an interesting thing to think about. THis is the list:

'S Even

I was vaguely thinking of numbering blog posts with these words but decided against it, as I'd get bored , and I've done it all in one here.

Today I went for a Tofu Katsu Curry at Wildflower, but I still find Tofu to spongey and featurelessly chewy. The Katsu Curry, rice an dleaves were excellent though and really I should have asked for the tofu to be replaced by Mushrooms.

I also gave in to temptation and bought a vinyl desk copy of Alice Copper's "School's Out" on a Green Warner Brothers label, and that should complete my vinyl collection barring any new inventive covers or picture discs.

So maybe we can do more Alice Cooper today and go with a live take on Gutter Cat vs The Jets.

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