Friday, 14 December 2018

Bright Light

I was out tonight and someone had a very bright LED security light above their front door. It's amazing how quickly ubiquitous LED's have become especially at Christmas. I do have two at the rear of my house and they're solar powered so don't have any wiring and are excellent if you have to nip out in the dark but sometimes a bit annoying when the wind gets up.

My whole house is LED lit and it saves a hell of a lot of money. Basically incandescent lights are heaters that give off light, although some LED's now are incredibly bright while not consuming that much power. We have one at the front door that's on permanently and you can touch it with your hand and just feel the cold glass of the bulb.

Again when I was out the streets are brightly lit with Christmas decorative light, you don't need street lights to light your way.  Some are lovely and some are tacky but all drive the darkness away.

I'm sharing a live take on one of my favourite Kraftwerk songs "Neon Lights" which sort of encapsulates the feeling although we have LED rather than neon.

It's Friday night so enjoy your weekend, the penultimate one before Christmas.

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