Monday, 17 December 2018

Time Split

My mind is all over the place at times and I am very good at lateral thinking, or as most people see it, going off on a tangent. This morning my alarm went off just after 5:30 although I really wanted it to go off at 5:45 but I had set the time fifteen minutes too fast, so I switched the alarm off, then made the effort to set the time so it was just five minutes fast, which meant that I had another ten minutes before the alarm went off.

That meant I had sort of split time getting two lie ins for the proce of one, also meaning that in future I will be actually hearing the alarm at roughly the time it should do. I almost feel like Doctor Who.

It is Monday and the beginning of the final week before Christmas, I've managed to catch up on all my TV, and also added the "Riverworld" books by Philip Jose Farmer to my to reread list. It is an excellent concept but the only downside is that it stops me, or puts off reading new books, and I have a lot of those to get through.

My walking in December has been attrocious, but over the weekend I have got ahead of my required target, so I do stand a chance of actually stay on track. I have done this for nineteen months running now so I want to keep that up. The big wall is the fact that it is dark and cold in a morning so it's not that inviting to walk to work.

The winter solstice is coming up so after that day, 23rd December I think, the days will start getting longer.

So what song should I drag in today. Following "Riverworld" I'll go for Billy Joel's "River of Dreams".

Have a great day everyone.

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