Sunday, 16 December 2018

Tired but Positive

This weekend I have been tired, lethargic and apathetic. This post will be short because even writing this is a pain. It's strange in this mood everything that fails becomes a major failure.

One example is the Moonpig small card option not working like it has for previous years and that means I'll probably have to hand write Christmas cards. While that in itself is not a major problem, suddenly you have to look up everyone's address, and that becomes a tiresome task.

I've been feeling tired and headachey, also I am re reading "The Swords of Corum" by Michael Moorcock and there is a particularly traumatic event which I knew was coming but didn't want to read, but it is extremely necessary to the plot and now I have got past that. So maybe in some small way that has affected me.

On a more positive note my friend Ellen Mellor has published a new book "Ghostkin", and the Amazon reviews are excellent, follow the link below to find out more, and then you can buy it. I haven't got it yet but I'm a slow reader but will get round to it., then there are a few more on the list to be read.

I know tomorrow I will feel better (I hope), and I will despatch my Christmas cards. I must be feeling a little more positive as I've actually managed to write this, although I will be in bed as soon as I publish this.

So what music should I share with you, I'm going to go with "Veteran of The Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult which was co written with Moorcock because that about sums up my current state of being.

Sleep well, it's Monday tomorrow.

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