Friday, 1 November 2019

All Saints

Today is All Saints Day according to the Catholic Church Calendar. Maybe it's marl that pagan Samhain is sort of over but it means little to me and more pertinently for me it is Friday.

I do find it amusing that people look forward to Friday, you should look forward to every day, it's another day to enjoy life and you should not wish that away. Yes you should hope and wish for good things but make sure you also do and experience good things however tiny.

It might be a call to a friend or even just a text, knowing it will put a smile on their face.

Nowadays people often work over all days of the week , so the weekend is not a break , also if you keep wishing for a day to come it will do , but you might lose the days wishing for that day to come.

Friday night  for me is relaxing but I do find books to read, films and TV to watch , music to play , friends to talk with, and lets face it we are now (or can be) more closely connected these days.

It's Friday morning , it's light , I have work to do , and people to see , so what record is more perfectly pertinent that "Friday I'm In Love" my The Cure.

Go on be happy.

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