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Sunday, 9 August 2020

Bingeing - #AnimalAugust #7

I never thought I could say I binge watched anything , but recently I have polished off "The IT Crowd" and am nearly though "The End of the F**king World" , also finishing "What We Di In The Shadows" as well. If the episodes are under thirty minutes then it is quite easy to watch a few episodes at a time. Oh I forgot "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation" as well thanks to the Sky Comedy Channel and I am  working my way through "Veep" and "Silicon Valley".

I've also completed "Brassic" , "Tales From The Loop", "Vikings" and the first series of "Miracle Workers" , so this would all imply I've been binge watching.

I am also working my way though my CD collection (mainly the box sets) while I am working from home, and while most of this is revisiting, it does allow me to choose my listening. I do pepper it with a little 6Music as it's always good to hear new stuff.

Also this is the seventh post this month so I'm almost binge writing , although I have had some months where I have averaged almost two posts a day. I hadn't intended to write this as I want to go to bed, but it's hot and I've now written this, so happy to share.

For #AnimalAugust I am going to share "Caterpillar" by The Cure.

Sleep well. Work tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

A Play(List) For Today

Thanks to Sky Comedy I am working my way through Veep and 30 Rock. 30 Rock is not on demand and is broadcasting three episodes a day, which I am trying to keep up with, and am now just two episodes in arrears after watching four of five episodes a day for the last few days. It is an easy watch , and the episodes are short as well as being on the nail funny, but am I watching too much TV?

I'm also going through Lucifer and Picard on Amazon Prime as well as having two Clive Barker books on the go, sio am I doing to much being entertained rather than actually doing stuff?

Also today I went to a local supermarket who's shelves were being cleared by panic buyers and the queues at the tills were backed up with huge loaded trolleys, I laughed , walked out , and went to a smaller local shop, got what I needed and came home. Most of this is fuelled by a lying media and a government that is only bothered about lining pockets of the already wealthy, but c'est la vie , what do I know.

After my earlier post I thought I could list a few songs relevant to our current situation, though it's still not that long when you had to put together a tape in real time rather than a playlist. All the songs link to a Youtube video for you to watch and listen to.

So here we go:
I had to have something by The Cure in , didn't I? And from 30 Rock we have Alec Baldwin in a quartet singing on the underground.

Friday, 1 November 2019

All Saints

Today is All Saints Day according to the Catholic Church Calendar. Maybe it's marl that pagan Samhain is sort of over but it means little to me and more pertinently for me it is Friday.

I do find it amusing that people look forward to Friday, you should look forward to every day, it's another day to enjoy life and you should not wish that away. Yes you should hope and wish for good things but make sure you also do and experience good things however tiny.

It might be a call to a friend or even just a text, knowing it will put a smile on their face.

Nowadays people often work over all days of the week , so the weekend is not a break , also if you keep wishing for a day to come it will do , but you might lose the days wishing for that day to come.

Friday night  for me is relaxing but I do find books to read, films and TV to watch , music to play , friends to talk with, and lets face it we are now (or can be) more closely connected these days.

It's Friday morning , it's light , I have work to do , and people to see , so what record is more perfectly pertinent that "Friday I'm In Love" my The Cure.

Go on be happy.

Monday, 26 August 2019


This is post 2019 in the year 2019.  This year my aim was to hit 2000 posts since I started blogging, I ended up doing that last month here.  I was thinking that maybe this would be another record posting year but this month posts have dropped off so it may or may not happen, we shall see.

Today has been a very hot Bank Holiday but that is nothing to complain about, though tomorrow is a return to work for a four day week.

Over the weekend I was completely cut off from music apart from listening on the train journeys to and from Scotland and was thinking I haven't played "Rain" by The Beatles on the new RPM record player.. The rumour is that Paul McCartney's bass on the original single was so heavy that it caused the needle to jump. I have a re released single but will try that before work tomorrow morning.

I've dipped back into the swirling currents of words that make up "The Illuminatus! Trilogy" and still finding it entertaining as I pass the three quarter level. Totally mad with probably some snippets of truth to be taken with large doses of salt.

So on the burning day I think "Hot Hot Hot" by The Cure from possibly my favourite album of theirs "Kiss Me,Kiss Me,Kiss Me" would be good to sign off with.

Thursday, 1 August 2019


Nothing deep, but due to my rate of posting from March this year , if I post twenty two times a month for the rest of the year then I will have another record year. I'm not expecting to do that though given this is my second post today you may not believe it.

The thing is the more you post , the more you feel like posting. I just wish I could get myself into gear with writing , and writing songs and recording them. I have all the tools so no excuse not to do it, just the extreme lack of discipline.

Today I found a couple more covers of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by The Cure and "Ceremony" by Radiohead. I was completely unaware of these though the song has been covered by almost everyone but it still belongs to Ian Curtis.

These songs don't seem to have been officially released but they are on Youtube so you can listen fairly easily.

So enjoy them , I am off to my pit.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Not The Best

Today I thought I was getting a lie in as they burglar alarm service team were coming. They did ... late ... and will be charging me for a new battery as they only last five years. Prior to that a serious roof leak reappears soaking a mattress and sheets and I am trying to get the person who should have fixed it to fix it..

This is what causes stress, when something affecting you is out of your control. Because of that I didn't go to the Queercastle finale party even though it was only six to nine with people I like to see, although I wasn't missed.

The day has been muggily hot so not comfortable at work. There's been rain and sun but I managed to get some stuff done at work then left phone messages about the roof.

I then watched some catch up TV finishing off with Janelle Monáe and The Cure's Glastonbury sets.

It's still hot and muggy so I hope to be able to sleep.

A work colleague recommended the Youtube Subliminals for weight loss and other things but the rten hours of rain sound is very relaxing although at odds with what is happening to my roof ate the moment. I listened to a few ten minute ones and an hour of the rain this morning , may download some as MP3s to listen to when walking into work.

So what music should we have,  Last night I listened to "Go" by Stomu Yamash'ta and it's one of my many favourite albums, so we'll have a live take of "Crossing The Line" featuring Stevie Winwood from the album.

Sleep  well.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

August Like February

Well it is for me. Today I start with a trip to the Freeman to give a lot of blood, probably have an ECG to make sure I am fit for a Liver Biopsy at the same place tomorrow.  This means at least two days of rest, and a week of no strenuous stuff, which probably will affect the number of steps that I do. This means I'll probably have about 27/28 days to get my steps in (like February) instead of August's 31.

Really I should do a load today but I have to go to work, although I could walk for a couple of hours after work assuming no Biblical deluges

The NHS are brilliant at looking after you and making sure they get it right. I do find it amusing the number of people who complain about it but refuse to actually fit in with their recommendations. There are good and bad bits but the NHS is good for you.

For the first time in a long time the heating came on this morning so I don't know whether the temperatures are dropping slightly.

So we shall she if I can hit my August target, although I think I've been signed up for a couple of longish walks later in the month so really that shouldn't be a problem.

So basically I'll leave you with "The Walk" by The Cure as I run off and make my way to the Freeman, and I suppose The Cure are an appropriate band for this post.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Dark Mornings

I always try to be positive, but can't get away from the relentlessness of nature, this time the fact that as summer fades it's darker and colder in the morning. The good thing is that the light usually eventually comes but it brings with it more instances of the aptly named TLA, SAD. My only worry about this is that it may affect my target to keep up my rolling three month million steps following completing the Million Step Challenge, which I have to thank Fiona for getting me into (with first the 15K challenge then pointing out the Million Step Challenge) as it has improved my diabetic situation no end, so even for that one fact it is essential that I keep doing it.

As I have said I don't do regimented stuff, but walking gives me the opportunity to dynamilcally change what I do while still benefitting from actually doing the exercise to benfit myself however slightly. The problem is if it's dark , cold , windy and raining it might get a bit difficult, although since I started this I have only had one day where I have walked less than 3K. Apparently the average person walks about 5K steps a day , so that means a lot of people do a lot less than that as I do 11-12K a day, and a friends of mine over the last year has been averaging 30K a day (my most ever is about 24K).

As I've said before I cannot recommend Pacer highly enough to track my steps, which since I installed it has not had any problems.

Anyway tonight I am going to see Nadine Shah at The Sage, am tempted by a Cure tribute (Liquer) at The Doll at The Black Bull on Thursday and am going to see Nick Helm at The Stand on Saturday courtesy of my great friend Jon Raine.

It's still dark, but time to set off for work, so will leave you with "Seven and Seven Is" by Love, a raucous slice of garage punk (maybe not what you would expect from Love) which just came on the 6Music now, and I thought I know that that song , but what the hell is it. Now I know.

Saturday, 5 August 2017


I'm quite surprised that people have stopped reading the blog. I will keep posting but it looks like I must have managed to offend everybody. My last post got ten hits, and that was probably just robots.

Anyway, this was just to say that I am pleased that I swapped my iPad for a Kindle Fire. Although I've hardly scratched the surface with it , I am using it to play music and watch TED talks and some YouTube videos, and it certainly is easier and outperforms my iPad Air (which is now, as far as I am concerned an ex iPad).

I thought I was doing well on Google searches but it turns out that if you have posted about what you are searching for , and you are logged in, it will bring back your posts, giving you the false impresssion that your search engine optimisation has been very successful.

Although I was going to go to bed early again , the internet has kept me awake, continually looking for ideas and stimulation.

The EFL kicked off and Preston won their opening match for the first time since 2008 , nine years back, against one of the expected promotion hopefuls. As with most seasons the Sky pundits see Preston as cannon fodder for the big clubs like Sheffield Wednesday. Next week it's Leeds, who turned us over severely last season, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I was having a problem transferring data from my phone to my PC. My phone is a Sony and it turns out is you don't use the SONY USB cable (that's UNIVERSAL Serial Bus) then the connection may not work. So the question is why can't you use a generic cable to connect the two devices ... unless SONY want to make you pay more.

Anyway it's later than I thought so I'd best go to bed, and what better song than The Cure's "Let's Go To Bed"

Monday, 26 October 2015

A Little Bazaar #27- 1983 - The Cure - Love Cats

At the weekend I was in the Grainger Market and dropped into this gem of a shop the Little Bazaar in the Grainger Market presided over by a lovely lady called Georgie who wears a wonderful green steampunk style top hat. It has lots on incense , scarves , candles m stones and things , and you could lose yourself in the intoxication of it's welcoming atmosphere. The Grainger Market is a brilliant place to be these days and this is one of the many reasons why it is so good. You should really take a look and buy something. I love it.

A Little Bazaar
The Odyssey hits year 27 , 1983 . Lots of people complain about how rubbish music was in the 80s . Well was it. 95% is always rubbish and among lots of others The Cure were a major fixture of the 80s and they are without doubt one of the greatest bands ever and I love "The Love Cats" , how could I not choose that , a good start to what will be a great week.

Happy Monday everyone.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Friday I'm In Love

Carter USM ?
Over the past few weeks this song has been popping up on the radio and in shops and other plays. I've never really listened to the lyrics , though the title is obvious , and also The Cure are one of my favourite  all time bands with "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" being my favourite album with songs on there bringing back unexplained memories  such as "Like Cockatoos" bringing to mind JG Ballard's "The Drowned World" and the achingly beautiful "Catch" still reminding of a student call Frances I knew back in the eighties who was great Cure fan.

I gave her my vinyl copy of "Standing On A Beach" , amazing how songs can still hold associations after so long. That was way before Newcastle meant anything to me other than Michael Caine's face off with Alf Roberts in Gateshead.

The thing is "Friday I'm In Love" is such an uplifting song you almost don't need to listen to the words and it really does lift your spirits and make you feel better. It certainly resonates with my feelings and does lift me up even further. I've just transferred it to my phone because a listen to that will dispel any slight downers like Preston getting beat 2-0 by Hull yesterday.

Anyway we're in the middle of the Bank Holiday (for those in the UK) so enjoy the rest of the time and this week is only 4 days of work .

Love you all

Thursday, 13 March 2014

How Does This Happen?

You wake at 5am, and are wide awake, not sleepy at all, bed is suddenly so comfortable you don't want to leave, but you have to get up. You're not really getting any benefit because you know you have to get up , so eventually you succumb and get out of bed, get washed , shower , perform ablutions and it's still half an hour before you leave for work.

Then it kicks in, you are so sleepy and want to go back to bed, yawning , and so tempted to get back into bed. Radio 6 keep playing Queen snippets,  but I'm sure that couldn't be anything to do with it , could it.

Thought of the Cure song to go with this though I suppose I could have had Queen , but I like The Cure better.

Hope you all have a good day.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How Bad Were The Eighties Really?

I've just finished Danny Baker's series of shows on the seventies , eighties and nineties and the eighties usually come in for extremely harsh treatment due to New Romantics and A Flock of Seagulls hair styles. But Baker's show opened with The Clash playing Should I Stay or Should I Go at Shea Stadium , New York. The program was only half an hour long and while Prefab Sprout and The Pretenders are not exactly my cup of tea (although when both bands are good they are very very good and Prefab Sprout's last album is an absolute beauty) , the quality of the music never faltered , finding space for Ivor Cutler's Shoplifters before having the great man introduce The Smiths Boy With The Thorn In His Side. The show closed with New Order playing The Hacienda.

This post seemed to be getting fairly monoparagraphic so I thought I'd insert a break.

Incidentally a friend from Facebook had mentioned the Fall's I Am Curious Oranj in various  orange related posts last week, and then Danny Baker played Big New Prinz in situ with the dancers / ballet for which the music was commissioned.

When you add bands like The Cure , Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus  you have to admit there were a lot of great bands round in the eighties. As I've said before 95% is always rubbish , it's up to you to track down the good stuff. I've probably mentioned more bands in this post than any other previous post but there is a lot of great music round all the time, find and enjoy.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Worcester Records, The Good and The Bad

The Rise Vinyl Racks
Well the bad news from Worcester is that Mann Audio and Phoenix are no more, or as far as my experience goes , never were. However the good news is that the Rise Records go from strength to strength , with a lot on offer in a small shop, and I ended up buying some books (well it is World Book Day today, though as far schools are concerned it's Dressing Up Day) , was talking to the guy in the shop who was very knowledgeable and let me take pictures and told about the record shops that had gone , but there was a great second hand shop called Market Hall Records.

While I was in there, there was something playing that made me think of The Cure and Joy Division , and turned out to be the Eagulls , so that went onto the purchase list as well, whuch can be seen on my Instagram Feed.

Market Hall Records
Market Hall Records has a big selection of stuff and the guy is really good to talk to, if you go to their website you can find out where they are, and they are sensible enough to use the web as just an advertising hoarding, which is a fine low maintenance approach. I also picked up a Julian Cope disc called Ambulance.

So all in all a successful day, Worcester has two excellent record shops (HMV doesnt count although they have one), so it's a good place if you want to improve your music collection and expand your horizons. I'd never heard The Eagulls before today but thatnks to the visit to Rise I now have their album and thingk that you might like them too.

I could post a video, but there are pictures and links so I will leave you to find the stuff. That's part of the fun of the internet , you can lose yourself for hours looking for stuff you didn't know that you wanted.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Is Here

I know it's not the last working day of the week for everyone but it is for me and a lot of others. The Arctic Winter and Bulgarian Invasion forecast by the redtops and tabloid rags never appeared, so generally life is good, and thought it was time I posted something.

I do intent to do a blog post by talking into my phone and maybe I'll do that this weekend, and I also need to do some more recording. I have in my head an idea for an album, although I can't say a thing about it as the title will give it away, although it's probably already been done but not by me , yet. The old Apple iPad with Garageband will be my recording studio for that.

I've also keeping up writing my book , with an October finish target and that I will hit. Anyway I'm drinking Lemsip to stave off my cold and will soon be leaving for work. There are lots of Friday related songs but there's only one I'm going to leave on here for you , The Cure's Friday I'm In Love (again).

Have a great Friday everyone, I certainly will.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Wake Up Time

OK this will be a short post after my last post that was longer than the short post I expected it to be. It's the final day of the week , so just another 11 hours to get through until I get home. I was just wondering , including traveling time, what is the average person's time away from home due to work and do they feel adequately rewarded for it? I do know there are people who have two and eve three hours each way commutes, which if you then add on eight hours at work, and take away six hours for sleep leaves you with four hours of the day you can call your own. Yes you can do that for a short period of time but it should never become the norm.

Anyway I am not wishing my life away but it is really good that it's the last day of the week and I'm looking forward to enjoying this weekend. For a song I was toying between David Bowie's cover of The Easybeats' "Friday On My Mind" (which was the first Australian global smash it I believe) but decided to go for the Cure's "Friday I'm In Love" just because I love it more !