Monday, 6 January 2020

Getting Better?

I think I am finally over the 'flu' , still weak , but I felt like this last Monday. The problem is I want to be back to 100%, my mind wants me to be there but my body keeps letting me down. I have been resting but also finding any excuse to do things and then after I do, I wish I hadn't. Yesterday was spent in Edinburgh with a ninety minute train journey each way and walks to and from the station to Grey's Monument.

So basically today is going to be a first try back at work this year, with all the month and quarter end stuff to catch up on, though the reality is that I have just lost two days so it's hardly amajor problem.

I'm still getting through "Special Deluxe" by Neil Young and didn't really know about the existence or benefits of biodiesel, although big fossil fuels I think have destroyed that, same as they are trying to do with all renewables. The Earth provides us with Solar Power (I know that's the sun) , Wave Power and Wind Power all of which is effectively free and will be as long as our Solar System keeps going. Fossil Fuels need to be stopped in their tracks.

So anyway I have another thirty or so pages to go on "Special Deluxe" so I will have finished it in less than a week. Also this year my steps are progressing well after missing my December 2020 target by 16K steps , which was still a creditable effort given the last week and a half that I couldn't even get out of the house.

So we'll go with "Getting Better" by Shed Seven a song we once covered with Spoon.

Now time for work.

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