Thursday, 2 January 2020

Long May You Run

My intention is thot to post as frenetically this year as I did in 2019, but to still maintain my diary of observations. I am still suffering from being hit by the 'flu' making it difficult to work or concentrate or do anything, although my mind is generally fine, but body not up to doing what my mind wants to do. My mind will say  "Yeah you can walk to the supermarket" so I will do that then be so shattered I need to take the bus back, except around this time it's Saturday or Sunday service so I walk back and then think I should have just stayed in bed.

New Year's Day I finished "On Some Faraway Beach" the David Sheppard biography of Brian Eno and despite the dense and difficult to read typeface it was an absolutely excellent read, often pointing me to revisit / rediscover / visit and discover music and artists.

So what next .....

I often buy books that are on sale or cheap that have some potential interest for me, one of these was "Special Deluxe" by Neil Young. I love Neil Young's music and my voice has been compared to his, there's a couple of Youtube examples "Love Is A Rose" and "Rockin' In The Free World" if you want to check me out, but this book almost went straight to the charity shop as it is Neil Young writing about cars. Cars have little interest to me, but I needed a next book and thought give it a whirl.

Typeface was good so easy to read, and same number of pages as "On Some Faraway Beach". The concept is Neil Young's life and the cars in his life with illustrations by him (which are cute) and a chronology of his musical development as well as the cars and his growing up. He is certainly an engaging  writer and I am nearly a hundred pages in after two days and loving it.

Pre preface are the words "Long May You Run" that is a good wish to anyone and anything you likeand was a favourite of mine by the Stills Young band, so that is the song I will share with you, and the book is great by the way.

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