Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Hello 2020

It's 1:20 AM on 1st January 2020. My intention was to be asleep but a persistent tickly cough has woken me up, so it's, among other things a cup of Hot Chocolate to try and calm my throat down.

It's not painful, just keeping me awake, although I know lots of other people are awake bringing in the new year.. I do need my sleep though.

Last year I averaged more than one post a day, I doubt that will happen this year, although I am proud to have actually done it while posting 250 words or more for each post. That's close on 100K words last year, enough for a novella if there were much coherence to what I write.

I know writers will probably knock that off in a week, or a month so all of a sudden it's not that impressive.

So I am tired and I want to really go back to bed, and music wise in 1972 I saw McKendree Spring perform "God Bless The Conspiracy" on The Old Grey Whistle Test, Michael Dreyfuss on Violin and electronics is amazing, and was well impressed with it. I still still am, and so will share that with you now, absolutely amazing stuff.

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