Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Making Time

How often do you think "Where's The Time Gone?". As we get older time seems to go faster but that's because we see it as relative to out age. When I was 6 I got six weeks summer holidays from school. That was a week for every year of my life, it seemed like forever to me and when I hit grammar school it was eight weeks. The equivalent holiday time now based on my age would be over a year.

I don't regard time spent watching a program I want to watch as wasted, but often we just sit and channel hop finding nothing and suddenly a few hours have disappeared. It's similar with phones , computers and web based devices, time just disappears.

I regard listening to music , reading , watching TV series I enjoy as time spent well, and it's always good to look at what you want to do and then you do not feel your time is wasted, because whatever you do , it takes time. There is no getting away from that.

This morning I walked seven miles and that took me three hours , but it is my way of exercising and I listened to a few albums even though it was raining. Today is part of me using up my annual leave but I am not wasting it and will be seeing my granddaughter Alexis this afternoon.

I have done sixteen thousand steps so far, but to hit the twenty six mile marathon total I would have to do that three more times and I don't think I could commit to that on a normal day.

So always find something to do , even if it's jus to rest and relax and take things easy. That should prepare you for when you need to do something that involves planning and effort.

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