Monday, 15 March 2021


On the back cover this is described as "the hip bible of 60's counter culture". I remember seeing people with bookcases at home thinking "they've never read any of those books" and to some extent that is true of me. I bought several  sets of classic books , in their own boxes and yesterday decided to extract some , and in two of them the books were actually stuck together, only slightly but nonetheless , theses were books I have bought and never read.

I finally decided to read at least one of these, and the one I chose is "Steppenwolf" by Hermann Hesse , the English translation from the original German because like most entitled English people I am effectively monolinguistic. The book is potentially very dark although the author does describe it as hopeful in the preface.

When I started it , I thought it was going to all be the preface after the foreword, because there is not chapter listing , but then I found a break at page 50 and hit another at page 30.

Although the book's preface seems very boring , a lodger staying in a guy's aunt's guesthose the style of writing has me captivated, just wondering how this is going to pan out. As yet it is not the most dynamic or uplifting tome, but I am enjoying , though possibly not the best choice after finishing the excellent but worrying "Fake Law" by The Secret Barrister,

No doubt I will keep you updated as I progress through "Steppenwolf" and my musical accompaniment was going to be something by the band Steppenwolf (I wonder where they got the name from) but then remembered a Hawkwind song from the "Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music" album called "Steppenwolf" though it refers more to a werewolf rather than the nan in the book , our Mr Haller.

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