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Sunday 30 April 2023

The Evening Of The Dumb

This is my most prolific month in 2023 on Seven Days In with five posts (most months have been lucky to get one), but that is probably because the book I am reading now is an easier read than the last one.

Dawn of the Dumb by Charlie Brooker, is nearly twenty years old but could refer to so much that is happening today, the idiocy of the majority of people who believe and act on what the media tell them. The attitude that "Science doesn't know everything" but conspiracy theories and stuff you find on Tiktok are totally believable.

I am l still laughing, this was life fifteen years ago and a lot of the world has got much worse. Lots of other things I thought I had forgotten about have resurfaced, but for me, it is an entertaining read.

The song is by the Bonzo Dog Band's observation on the state of democracy.

I recently found out that my American Amazon Author page has a feed from this blog which you can see here. It only shows on the .com site but not others. C'est La Vie.

Mike Singleton - Vocal Stories

I am not sure if you are aware of my writing on Vocal but these are a few of my stories if you would like to sample them:

  1. Brunch 23 - A great Restaurant in Fenham
  2. Another Raven - A Take On Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
  3. The Cleaner - An Autism-Focused Christmas Special
  4. An Owl In A Towel - A Beautiful Book by Lesley and Cheryl
  5. Three Reasons Why I Love Settle - Scaleber Force, The Hoffman Kiln and Castlebergh Crag
  6. The Accidental Book - Helping a Great Vocal Friend Resulted In Me Publishing My First Book
  7. Call Me Les - A Great Friend and An Amazing Writer