Sunday, 28 August 2011

57 Channels and Nothing On ... Does It Matter?

It isn't all that long since we were looking forward to getting Channel 5 , in fact I remember the days before BBC2 (so you had BBC and ITV) . In the seventies we had four channels and Saturday nights were taken up with dross such as Seaside Special and 3-2-1 , featuring irritating presenters and forgettable acts.

The bitching all over the red tops this morning reminds me that nothing much has changed , we have Gary Barlow replacing Simon Cowell presiding over the latest batch of conveyor belt wannabes covering tried and tested standards until Christmas , when the X-Factor winners single takes it's rightful place at number one in the singles chart.

The BBC provide competion in the form of the totally fascinating National Lottery draw , which was OK when it was once a week , now it's about once a day!!

The thing is we now have hundreds of channels to choose from , admittedly most of them screening repeats , especially in the case of Skuy News that is on a 15 minute repeat loop , but the are diamonds to be found such as Sky Arts , BBC4 , BBC2 , Channel 4 , but most of the population on Saturday night are glued to X-Factor oor The National Lottery Draw , and I was thinking , this country could satisfy 95% of the population with two channels. It waould also give them something to complain about such as the repeats , and the use of the BBC License fee!!

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