Saturday, 6 August 2011

Football In Hock To Legalised Loan Sharks?

Last night I caught a bit of the seasons curtain lifter , Hull City vs Blackpool (though according the media with therir three page spreads on Manchester United and Chelsea and that team from Manchester the season hasnt started yet) , and was slightly worried by their shirt sponsors.

Blackpool are still sponsored by Wonga and Hull City by Cash Converters. To the left you see Gary Taylor -Fletcher in his sponsored shirt and the one to the right is from the Hull City web site!!

Worrying times indeed for football , sponsored by people who routinely charge 2000% interest to people who can't afford it , but can't get money from banks because they're paid pittance wages . Admittedly there will be some druggie scum in there but surely football should not be effectively endorsing these brands!!

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